South of Indianapolis in north-central Johnson County sits the city of Greenwood, Indiana. It was 1823 when the first European American settlers built a cabin in “Smocktown” – the nickname coming from brothers John and Isaac Smock who put up their cabin on land now visited by the many shoppers who walk through the doors of the Greenwood Park Mall. Today, nearly 60,000 people call Greenwood home. As a popular bedroom community for Indianapolis, families are constantly looking for homes in the Greenwood area. Keeping up any home to current standards and trends in Greenwood includes one of the most prominent features of most homes as seen from the perspective of passersby in the street – the garage doors. If yours need attention, Garage Doors of Indianapolis is ready to help!

How Often do Greenwood Indiana Homeowners Need Garage Door Services?

2 car garage with wooden door

You probably don’t think much about your garage door. It goes up and it goes down, day in and day out, probably several times a day. In fact, the only time most people ever give garage doors a second thought is when they stop working. But think about some of the things you use on a daily basis that will last longer if you maintain them properly. Your car probably comes to mind, right? You know your car will last longer if you follow the recommended service and maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. What you might not realize is that your garage door is the same! The problem, of course, is that it doesn’t need regular service as frequently as your car.

To get the maximum life out of your garage door, you should have it serviced each year. An ideal time to do this is in the fall before winter sets in, but any time of year can work just as well if you want to ensure your garage doors are in good working order. When a certified technician from Garage Doors of Indianapolis comes to provide a full garage door “tune-up” service, here’s what we do:


  • Rollers and Hinges: Inspect condition, lubricate, make any needed adjustments.
  • Torsion Springs and Plates: Check condition, make any needed adjustments, lubricate.
  • Extension Spring(s): Inspect and balance.
  • Bolts and Nuts: Check and tighten as needed.
  • Lifting Cables: Inspect and adjust as indicated.
  • Tracks: Check and many any adjustments needed.
  • Exterior Frame: Inspect and lubricate if needed.
  • Weather-Stripping: Replace along bottom of door if deteriorated.
  • Electrical Components: Inspect opener and trolley.
  • Safety Systems: Check and test for proper functioning.
  • Remotes/Accessories: Inspect, tune or reprogram as needed.

When you see a list like that, you realize there’s quite a bit more to your garage door and opener than you may have thought. When you choose the professional technicians at Garage Doors of Indianapolis, you’ll be pleased to know that our service calls are billed on a set fixed fee, not an hourly rate. And perhaps best of all is the customer commitment we made long ago that we still honor to this day:

Call this morning for service today. Today? TODAY!


How many local businesses do you that make a commitment to same-day service? We’ve been doing it for decades. And we also provide emergency 24-hour service when needed.

Greenwood Homeowners Should Think Twice About DIY Garage Door Repairs

DIY home repairs make homeowners feel great if they like taking an active role in maintaining or enhancing their home’s value. If you have the time, patience, and skill to do DIY garage door repairs, more power to you. But it’s also easy to get in over your head, and in some cases you risk doing more harm than good or even bodily injury if you try to tackle something better left to trained professionals. What are some of the DIY garage door repairs we feel just about any homeowner could handle on their own? They’re mostly about ruling out what is not the problem. If you’re approaching your garage and you hit the button on your garage door remote and nothing happens, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Replace the batteries in the remote. If this doesn’t fix the issue…
  2. Get into the garage through the regular door and try the direct switch inside your garage. If the door still doesn’t open…
  3. See if someone may have manually locked the door, or set the door on “vacation” or “lock” mode. If it’s unlocked and still won’t open…
  4. Reset the garage door opener by unplugging it from the wall, waiting 30 seconds, then plugging it back in. If the door still doesn’t open…
  5. Try cleaning off the “electronic eye” sensors. Usually those are what prevent a door that is already open from closing if there’s something in the way, but on some models they can also prevent the door from opening as well. If the door still won’t open…
  6. See if the electronic eye sensors are misaligned. They are often mounted on thin metal that can accidentally get bent. If it seems like the eyes are misaligned, try bending them a little bit at a time and keep testing the door to see if it will open. If it still won’t open, then it’s time to call Garage Doors of Indiana at 317-860-0806.

When you’ve done those troubleshooting steps and your garage door still won’t open, there could be any number of things causing the problems. Rest assured that our certified technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and fix what’s wrong. If you’re interested in having a brand new look, we also do garage door installations. We have many models and finishes to choose from and would be happy to go over your options and help you select something perfect for your Greenwood home. There is a vast selection of styles and materials, which means we can help you find one that not only fits your home’s look, but also your budget! Give us a call today for a free, no obligation quote at 317-860-0806.

Work With Certified Technicians

Whatever your particular garage door issue might be, we are ready to resolve it quickly and efficiently – and we even offer a full warranty on the work we do for you. We’re only a phone call away at 317-279-6627, or fill out the contact us form on our website.

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