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Mooresville, Indiana: Small Town Life with the Big City Nearby

Barn door style three-car garage

Located less than 30 minutes southwest of Indianapolis on Indiana State Road 67, the town of Mooresville may be small with its population just under 10,000, but that’s something an increasing number of people are finding attractive right now. The town was named after Samuel Moore, a Quaker from North Carolina who founded it back in 1824. Interestingly, after the redesign of the Indianapolis International Airport, Mooresville is actually closer to the passenger terminal than downtown Indy by several miles. This makes it ideal for people who want a smaller town life but with easy access not only to a big city, but also an airport when needed. 

Urban Flight Caused by the Pandemic

Many people love city life while others tolerate it because of everything a city has to offer. The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic have made a lot of people rethink how desirable it is to live in a city. In fact, quite a few areas in the country are seeing a significant amount of “urban flight” in which the pandemic became the proverbial last straw driving many to choose to leave the city in favor of the suburbs or even more rural settings. 

This has caused the real estate markets in areas outside of cities to become quite active. People are snatching up houses to make their great escape from city life. They are welcoming and seeking out what non-urban communities offer, including smaller size, lower taxes, less regulation, and greater safety with fewer lockdowns. Indianapolis has seen this happening like many cities around the nation. 

Just about every real estate market outside a city is suddenly very much a seller’s market. Anyone in Mooresville who is thinking of selling will be pleased to hear this news and can probably count on plenty of offers at full price, if not higher. But there’s still one thing many homeowners who want to sell overlook—the state of their garage door(s). After all, no one really thinks much about their garage door until it stops working. And yet when it comes to real estate, a home’s garage door is often the single most visible architectural feature people see when passing by a house. A beautiful, well-maintained, and fully functional garage door can have a significant impact on a home’s value, and by extension its selling price!

Need Garage Door Repair Services? GDI has You Covered!

Here are some of the garage door repair services we offer at GDI:

  • Panel Repair or Replacement: We can often (but not always) repair a portion of a door rather than replacing the entire door.
  • Springs: Torsion springs are what make your door go up and down easily. If one or more is broken, your door may not work properly, and they’re not something you should try to fix yourself because they’re under high tension. 
  • Cables: The lifting cables that help many garage doors operate are also under high tension. Never attempt a DIY cable repair or replacement! 
  • Rollers: Replacement rollers have to be the exact correct size, which we can quickly determine. 
  • Dead Remote: If the remote control for your door opener isn’t working, replace the batteries. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, give us a call and we’ll figure out what’s going on.
  • Opener: The mechanism that actually opens an automatic garage door has plenty of potential problem areas, but our expert technicians can quickly diagnose what’s happening and why.
  • Off-Track Door: Putting a door back on its track if it has become dislodged is a serious project you should not try to do yourself. Let the professionals do the heavy lifting!

And don’t forget, you can always call us in the morning for service today! Just phone us at 317-860-0806 when you need a rapid response.

Want Maintenance Service on Your Garage Doors? GDI has You Covered!

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that old adage applies to your home’s garage door(s). Having a technician from GDI come out to do a thorough inspection and maintenance service will keep your garage door(s) in good working order and help prevent the need for emergency repairs. Here’s what we do during a routine maintenance service call:

  • Roller and Hinge Service: Inspect condition, lubricate, and adjust rollers and hinges as needed.
  • Torsion Springs and Plates: Check condition, make adjustments, lubricate.
  • Extension Spring(s): Inspect and balance.
  • Bolts and Nuts: Check and tighten as needed.
  • Lifting Cables: Inspect and adjust.
  • Tracks: Check and adjust.
  • Exterior Frame: Inspect and lubricate as needed.
  • Insulation Weather-Stripping: Replace deteriorated stripping. 
  • Electrical Components: Inspect opener and trolley. 
  • Safety Systems: Check and test. 
  • Remotes/Accessories: Inspect, tune, or reprogram.

Having this kind of routine maintenance done at least once a year will keep your garage door(s) in peak working condition and help prevent you from experiencing a garage door emergency!

Time for a Garage Door Upgrade? GDI has You Covered!

When it comes to purchasing replacement garage doors for your home, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that can meet your sales and installation needs the way Garage Doors of Indianapolis can. Our showroom location is 5041 W. 96th Street in Indianapolis, which is only a 30-minute drive from Mooresville. There you will find courteous, friendly staff ready to help you find the perfect garage door(s) for your home. Every door we carry has been carefully selected for quality and durability. And the range of materials, finishes, and colors is truly astounding! We’ll help you find the door that’s right for your home. 

We give every customer friendly service and excellent care. Our technicians are all professional experts who have been thoroughly trained to work on nearly all makes and models, which means when GDI is on the job, you know it’ll be done right. Call us at 317-860-0806 and let us know what you need. We’re ready to help!

Experts in Customer Service

With over 30 years of experience in serving Indianapolis, we have gained a deserved reputation of dependability and reliability. Our staff is courteous and knowledgeable, and it shines through in our common recommendation by neighbors. When you need fast and dependable service for your garage door, contact Garage Doors of Indianapolis.

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