No matter what type of residential garage door you have, if it uses an opener then you’ll more than likely have to deal with garage door springs during the course of your garage door ownership. Your garage door is heavy, and when you might attempt to open it by hand or use an opener, this weight can be a problem and put a huge strain on you and the opener (and perhaps even make it impossible to open without help). Garage door springs are wound around the opening mechanism and have a high level of tension, in order to offset this weight and make it easily openable by you or your garage door opener. These parts are in the background and easy to forget during the day to day operation of your garage door, but if you don’t keep an eye on them, they can malfunction or break and leave your door not able to open and close properly.

Garage Doors of Indianapolis has decades of experience in providing garage door spring installation, repair and replacement to our customers throughout Indiana. We’re here to support you in recognizing when your springs need to be replaced and what type to replace them with.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

Depending on your specific garage door setup, you will more than likely have one of two separate types: torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs are a common type of heavy-duty metal spring installed on a metal rod that runs above the opening to your garage door. This type of spring gains more and more tension as your garage door is down, as the metal rod the spring is installed on rotates when the door goes up and down. With so much tension in the down position, the door is much easier to lift, and the spring gradually relaxes when the door is in an up position.

Extension springs, on the other hand, run horizontally along from the door and are typically a bit lighter weight. These aren’t mounted on a bar, and they gain tension by stretching out along with a cable and pulley system. Both spring systems can work for most doors, it comes down to a matter of cost and preference. Our personnel are able to consult with you and give you the springs you need.

What Type of Springs Will My Garage Door Need?

Aside from the type of springs you use for your garage door, between torsion and extension, you’ll also need to make sure you have the right spring that’s graded to be able to work with specific weights of door. If your spring is too heavy-duty you may find it impossible to actually close your door, and if it’s too lightweight it’s at risk of snapping under the weight. A snapped spring can be a serious, potentially deadly safety hazard, and it’s vital to never put yourself in a position where you could be exposed to that. Our experts know the weight of the garage door you have, and will be able to recognize the right type of spring to keep your garage door functioning for years to come.

Signs That it’s Time to Replace

The first and most obvious signs that it might be time to replace would be noises and difficulty opening the door. If you hear a noise from your garage door springs it might not necessarily be a problem, you might need to simply apply the right type of lubricant to your springs. If noises continue after that, though, it’ll be time to replace. Difficulty or strain opening the door mean that your springs are not functioning as they should, and will need a change in order to make sure that they don’t snap on the job. Again, when a spring breaks, it can be a dangerous situation that you don’t want to expose yourself or your family to. If a spring does break, however, and you have another spring in use on the door, it’s time to replace both to not risk another snap.

Keep Safe, Call the Experts

Most often, springs and the hardware to open your door were all installed around the same time. When the springs look like they’ll need to be replaced, it typically can indicate that the other equipment is getting on in age. At this point it’s best to inspect everything to make sure that all other parts are in working order and are ready to resume use once we replace your springs. These safety inspections keep you on top of your garage door and garage door spring repair and maintenance, and when it’s time for new springs, Garage Doors of Indianapolis has the decades of experience and dedication to service you want from a trusted garage door partner. Call and schedule a free consultation today, and keep your door in the best condition possible.