Home and business owners located throughout Indiana are always going to be in need of a professional and qualified partner for garage door installation and repair. Hoosiers looking for the right company to help them select the perfect garage door for their requirements and budget will find the ideal partner in Garage Doors of Indianapolis. We work with some of the most prominent brands in the industry, and our expert staff makes customer service a priority. From our showroom in Indianapolis you can see the huge variety of options that we’re able to offer, and find the perfect option to fit your home or business.

Since starting out over 40 years ago, we’ve continued to expand our services and branch out across Indianapolis and beyond. With customers in Martinsville, Anderson, Lafayette, Bloomington and more, we’ve moved from being Indianapolis’ garage door partner to a trusted company for those throughout Central Indiana. We’re always on-call, and whenever you need service or need to talk over options, we’re the nearby option that always responds when you need it most.

Serving Indianapolis Since 1979

Garage Doors of Indianapolis began as a small, locally owned business back in 1979. Our goal on starting out was simple: provide customers with the best products, pricing and service possible. We made good on that commitment, hiring experts and forming trusted connections within the community. As the decades have gone on we’ve continued to develop, and today, we’re more advanced and comprehensive than ever while still maintaining our values.

Our commitment to service and success has allowed us to grow in reach to now extend throughout Central Indiana. For home and business owners today, we’re able to help in every aspect of the garage door ownership process. From purchase to maintenance, Garage Doors of Indianapolis is a complete resource.

Residential Garage Door Service

With so many trusted brands of garage doors on the market, it’s a good time to look for a new door to improve the curb appeal and value of your house. Whether it’s improving the resale value of your home or just updating the look of your home to something new, residential garage doors are one of the most important elements of a house that most people don’t pay enough attention to.

Garage Doors of Indianapolis has residential garage doors in every style, from wood to aluminum and steel, so that you’ll be able to find the perfect option that fits with the style of your home. Our IDA-certified installation technicians make the process easy, and they can set you up with almost every kind of residential garage door opener to find the opening solution that works best for you. Our garage door prices, as well as our maintenance costs, are always fair and competitive so you don’t spend more than necessary on a quality door.

Commercial Garage Door Service

With so many businesses within Indianapolis, each with its own special requirements, there are hundreds of industrial garage doors that might make sense for business owners. Garage Doors of Indianapolis understands the need for variety and customization, so we have a rich inventory for industrial customers to choose from.

For every material they’re made from, the garage doors we carry all have durability and quality in common. These garage doors are built to stand up to all the heavy use that businesses need for an industrial door, and keep security in mind for business owner peace of mind. We’re dedicated to being the partner you need to get the right garage door, so our customer service team is available to work with you to get the perfect door that can last your business for years of heavy and sustained use.

Garage Door Openers

No matter if it’s for residential or commercial use, Indianapolis garage door customers want convenience in opening as well as technology that is durable and will continue to work for years down the line. Garage Doors of Indianapolis has always been at the forefront of garage door opener hardware and technology, and today we continue to carry some of the most trustworthy and advanced systems for opening and entry.

Our equipment for garage door openers comes from the most trusted brands, with openers, screws, belts and chains that are built to last and selected for our stock because of their quality. Our remote openers are the latest in convenience, with remotes, keypads and internet-connected options. Every opener choice you’ll make with Garage Doors of Indianapolis is from a field of quality products.

Repair and Emergency Service

Ordinary wear and tear, age, and sometimes a lack of maintenance are all factors that can lead to a garage door breaking down. Opener motors and components, as well as remote openers, will sometimes break down or stop working, leading to an inconvenient situation that needs to be fixed as soon as possible for the sake of convenience. Garage Doors of Indianapolis is available 24 hours a day, if anything goes wrong with your home or business garage door. Your home life or business day doesn’t stop in the evening, so we don’t either. Our expert technicians will quickly be able to diagnose the problem and go over options with you to repair or replace the damaged components as quickly and cost-efficient as possible.

Indiana home and business owners, contact Garage Doors of Indianapolis today and make the right choice for your doors.