Who Would You Call for Emergency Service?

If your garage door suddenly stops opening or closing, there could be many reasons for it. Several different malfunctions or breakdowns could happen to your garage door, leading to several other issues. You can do some investigating yourself, but if you can’t seem to figure out what the issue is, then call Garage Doors of Indianapolis to assist you and get to the bottom of your door malfunction.

One of the first issues you could encounter with your garage door is that the opener switch is not working. There are a few different reasons why the opener switch could be malfunctioning. Sometimes you could not realize that the lock is switched on, which is a simple and easy fix: find the lock button and switch it off. Some more complicated issues could involve unplugging the motor, the photo-eye sensor being damaged, or a circuit breaker tripping.

These issues all affect the opener switch being able to do its job. You could seek out these issues yourself or contact Garage Doors of Indianapolis for emergency garage door service and get a professional to assess the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Another issue that could arise and call for emergency service is that the garage door keypad is not working. Some garage doors don’t have a keypad, but if yours does have a keypad, sometimes the batteries could be dead, it could need reprogramming, or the antenna could be faulty. You can check the manual for how to reprogram it or make sure the antenna is facing the right direction, but if everything seems to be in order, call a professional.

Sometimes the garage door is working, but not correctly. The door could be noisier than usual as it’s being opened and closed, the door could open unevenly, or it could be opening and closing slower than it should. Sometimes the door gets stuck in one position, and you can’t close it or open it. Not being able to close your garage door can be dangerous, especially during the cold Indianapolis winters when you’re trying to keep all the heat inside.

If your garage door has windows, the glass could break. Broken glass could cause injuries, become a security problem, and invite birds and insects inside, which is highly undesirable. It’s essential to get any fractured glass fixed immediately to avoid any further issues.

Extension or torsion springs connect to cables and pulleys, which provide a counterforce to the heaviness of the garage door itself. This allows for the door to open and close by being pulled or by a garage door opener. Since these springs are under pressure constantly, they can be worn out easily. If the door feels heavier than usual as you’re pulling it down or it struggles to open with the opener, it’s time to call a professional to replace the garage door springs.

One issue that can arise specifically in the Indianapolis area is a frozen garage door. This is particularly common during the brisk winter days, which also happens when you need your garage door to function at its best. Unfortunately, the fact is that garage doors can get frozen in place.

If your door seems to be stuck on a chilly day or night, don’t keep trying to open it because if it is frozen, then trying to force it may cause other, more severe problems such as broken springs, stripped gears, or a burnt-out motor. Try to de-ice the best you can to avoid needing emergency garage door repair services.

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Maintaining Your Garage Door

While we are always here for your emergency garage door needs, there are some ways to help avoid needing our help. Maintaining your garage door is not only essential to keeping it running, but it can also help your garage door last longer. You can inspect and maintain the door yourself, or we can provide maintenance services to keep your garage door in top shape.

Garage door maintenance can be as simple as checking out how it’s working and calling a professional if something doesn’t seem to be working right. Here are a few things you can do to help maintain your door to avoid an emergency maintenance repair in the dead of winter:

  • Check out the rollers and tracks, being sure to clean them occasionally. Giving them a brushing can help to keep them running smoothly. Be sure to replace rollers that aren’t working smoothly.
  • Keep hardware tight. Check to ensure that all screws and bolts securing the brackets that keep your garage door attached to the tracks are tight.
  • Inspect cables and pulleys to make sure they are not damaged or frayed. If they are, contact a professional to replace them.
  • Check the balance of the door by seeing how well it is opening and closing. You shouldn’t need to work hard to lift the door yourself, so if you have to put in extra work, then it may be time to replace some springs. Contact a professional if you think this is the case.
  • Take care of any minor issues. This mainly pertains to the appearance of the door itself. Water damage, warping, and rust can affect the door’s structural integrity, leading to needing a replacement.

How Garage Doors of Indianapolis Can Help

Garage Doors of Indianapolis has been in the garage door business for over 35 years, servicing the garage doors of the greater Indianapolis area. When our International Door Association certified technicians receive a call for an emergency…. they will quickly diagnose and fix the issue.

Fixing the issue could involve repairing or replacing damaged sections of the garage, diagnosing and fixing a garage door stuck in position, replacing malfunctioning cables, chains, hinges, rollers, and belts, or adjusting, repairing, or replacing garage door springs. Keep in mind our depth of experience and longstanding presence in the city make restoring your home or business garage door quick work for us.