Repairing Garage Door Openers in Indianapolis Since 1979

Most home or business owners never think about garage door opener repair – until something goes wrong – then you can call Garage Doors of Indianapolis. And not only that – but you can “Call us this morning for service TODAY!

Emergency or routine, residential or commercial, we are fast, dependable, and experienced. We have a good reputation based on strong customer service and true customer care – with the endorsements and testimonials to prove it.

Don’t Do-It-Yourself

You may think a garage door opener is a project you can tackle. But the problem with many “Do-It-Yourself” solutions is that your garage door repair problem can come from any number of problems – and sometimes more than one.

For example, a long-term alignment problem may have affected the spring tension and the motor efficiency.

We will check all electrical aspects, alignment, speed of operation, the opener motor, lubrication, springs, chain or belt drives and tension. We will listen for noises, action and speed.

Don’t have a “Do-It-Yourself” home garage door repairs lead to additional problems. We will do your repair – and do it right the first time.

A picture of the inside of a clean garage

We have repaired residential and commercial garage door with every kind of action and electrical or digital circuitry.

Our technicians stay current with technology, including smartphone technology for remote operation.

We’re more than garage door opener repair experts; we also train you on your system and make sure you know how to avoid problems in the future.

Routine or Emergency Garage Door Opener Repairs

In most cases of a broken or malfunctioning home or commercial garage door, we can make same day repairs.

After we arrive and make our assessment, we will tell you exactly what the problem is before we begin work, the cost of any replacement parts needs and how long we estimate the garage door opener repair will take.

Whether a residential emergency repair or routine repair we always want you to know you’re in capable hands.

Need a garage door opener repair for your home? Emergency or routine, contact us today for a service or a free consultation.

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