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In extremely hot or cold weather, an attached garage isn’t the most comfortable place to be. Plus, every time you open the service door, you’re letting that sweltering or frigid air into your climate-controlled home. Garage door insulation can help you control the air temperature in your garage and potentially reduce your energy costs.

Types of garage door insulation

You can insulate garage doors with products that include fiberglass batt insulation, foam board or reflective insulation, also known as a radiant barrier. Any of these products can be affixed to the inside of a garage door; however, they may break down quickly, if you open and close your garage door every day, and fiberglass is a known skin irritant.

Each type of garage door insulation has an assigned R-value, which is a number that describes how well insulation conducts heat. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. Fiberglass batt insulation has a value of R-3 or R-4, per each inch of thickness. Insulated garage doors filled with polyurethane are generally rated at R-12 to R-18.

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Advantages of insulated garage doors

Adding insulation to your garage door won’t make it toasty warm in winter, but it will keep out some of the bitter cold and could keep indoor temps above freezing, even when they’re below freezing outside.

Garage doors with an insulated core are more resistant to impact than thin, hollow-core doors, and the insulation also dampens the sound of opening and closing a door.

A new insulated garage door with a quality ground-level seal and weather stripping around the edges can greatly improve the air quality inside your garage and improve energy efficiency in your home.

Garage door insulation quotes

If you’re thinking about insulating your garage, we can provide a no-obligation quote for various types of insulation solutions. We can answer your questions about improving the insulation of your existing garage, as well as explain all of the available options for insulated garage doors.

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