Professional Garage Door Maintenance Services For Indianapolis

Whether the residential garage doors at your home are a recent installation or have been around for a long time, you want them to keep performing for many years to come. While most people never think about their garage doors until they stop working, savvy homeowners schedule regular professional garage door maintenance services to prevent problems before they occur. Inexpensive maintenance helps keep expensive emergencies at bay.

The cables, rollers, springs, tracks, hardware, and opener are all components that should be inspected and maintained at least once each year. The expert technicians at Garage Doors of Indianapolis are ready to help! All you have to do is give us a call at 317-860-0806 to set up an appointment for the garage door maintenance services you need for worry-free operation.

What’s Included in Our Garage Door Maintenance Services?

One of the first things we do when performing an inspection and maintenance service is look and listen as we operate your garage doors. What are we paying attention to? We want to see if the door’s movement is smooth or if it’s jerky at certain points. Does it make a normal amount of sound when operating or is there excessive grinding and scraping noises? Does the overall system look symmetrical in terms of the springs, pulleys, and cables?

An annual maintenance service call will include the following components and parts:

  • Rollers and Hinges Service: Inspect condition, lubricate, and adjust rollers and hinges as needed. Cracked, chipped, or worn rollers will need to be replaced.
  • Torsion Springs and Plates: Check condition, make adjustments, lubricate.
  • Extension Spring(s): Inspect and balance. When a garage door is not properly balanced, your opener has to work much harder to do its job, which means it won’t last nearly as long as it should. We’ll disconnect the opener with a red cord, then lift the door manually halfway up to see if it stays put. If it doesn’t, it means we need to rebalance the counterweight system.
  • Bolts and Nuts: Check and tighten any and all hardware as needed. After all, the average garage door is opened and closed at least a thousand times a year, which is a lot of vibration that can cause hardware to become loosened over time.
  • Lifting Cables: Inspect and adjust. Please note that the lifting cables are under high tension. You should never tinker with those on your own. If one of those cables snaps, it could seriously maim or kill you.
  • Tracks: We check the tracks for any debris that might be getting in the way of smooth rolling, and also check to make sure they are plumb and adjust them as needed.
  • Exterior Frame: Inspect and lubricate as needed.
  • Insulation Weather-Stripping: Inspect deteriorated stripping. The weather stripping along the bottom of the door is important for keeping the elements out of your garage and your home.
  • Electrical Components: Inspect opener and trolley.
  • Safety Systems: Check and test. An object placed in the way of the door should cause it to stop and reverse direction. We’ll also check the photoelectric system (the electronic eye sensors) to make sure they are also functioning correctly.
  • Remotes/Accessories: Inspect, tune, or reprogram.

Protect Your Investment with Garage Door Maintenance Services

Garage doors are often the most prominent architectural feature of your home visible from the street, which is why they have a significant impact on your home’s value. Protecting the value of your investment makes good financial sense.

There are plenty of other practical reasons why you want to ensure your garage doors are properly maintained. For many homeowners, the garage also serves as one of the most frequently used entryways into and out of the house. You want to avoid a situation where you find your car is trapped inside the garage when you need to go somewhere because the door is malfunctioning. The flip side, of course, is the scenario where you can’t get into the garage when you come home.

Frequency of Garage Door Maintenance Services

The bare minimum for making sure your garage doors keep functioning properly is to have maintenance services performed on them at least once each year.

When is the best time of year to have this maintenance done? Sometime in the fall before winter sets in is generally regarded as the best time for Indiana homeowners. Few things are worse than malfunctioning garage doors in the dead of winter! The expert technicians on the team at Garage Doors of Indianapolis have the training, the tools, and the experience to do thorough maintenance service to help ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Emergency Garage Door Services When Needed

Having a regular maintenance plan is ideal, but when you find yourself needing an unscheduled visit, you can count on Garage Doors of Indianapolis to get the job done quickly. In fact, we’ve been fulfilling a commitment we made decades ago that you won’t find at most places:

When a garage door isn’t working, you can’t afford to wait days for it to be repaired. This is why we made a commitment to provide same-day service when you need it most.

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As a full-service garage door company, we’ve been helping both residential and commercial customers meet their needs for garage door sales, installation, service, and repairs since 1979. While we’re located in the Indianapolis area, we service cities throughout the entire state of Indiana.

We are the locally owned and operated name you can trust to treat you right when it comes to your garage doors. We warmly invite you to stop by our showroom at 5041 W. 96th Street in Indianapolis to see our incredible selection of quality doors, or to just say hi and daydream about all the inexpensive styles in stock. We love connecting with and serving customers both new and old. Always feel free to call us at any time to discuss your garage door needs at 317-860-0806.