Our Garage Door Showroom

Looking to see garage door styles before you purchase? Our showroom is just for you! We showcase our garage doors in our showroom at our Indianapolis location. We feature our favorite brands of garage doors that we trust and know will look great on your home!

Choosing a Garage Door Style Makes or Breaks Your Home

We understand that just like windows, cars, and other appliances, you need to see them in person before making a decision. To make sure you make a good decision on the purchasing of your new garage door, seeing it in person will confirm you are making the right style choice. You always hear that “curb appeal” is important when selling your house although curb appeal should not just be when you decide to leave your house but when choosing the overall aesthetic of your home.

Choosing Garage Door Tips

Here are a few tips to help when selecting garage doors:

  • If your garage is the first thing you see on the front of your house then make that a focal point. Select a door that stands out against the color and style of your home.
  • Color should match the exterior finish of your home. Make sure it compliments the same tone of colors.
  • Consider adding lighting to the soffits above your garage doors to highlight them.
  • Bold and bright colors can appear too distracting, your goal is to create curb appeal and define the aesthetic of your home.

Garage Doors of Indianapolis Is Here To Help!

We have the largest variety of garage doors in stock in Indiana. Garage Doors of Indianapolis invites you to visit our showroom to have an experienced representative to help you pick a brand and style of garage door to help compliment your home.