Gutter Repair Services in Indianapolis

Having issues with your gutters and need them repaired? Locally owned and operated Garage Doors of Indianapolis has been committed to customer service and exceeding industry standards since 1979. In Indianapolis, Garage Doors of Indianapolis is now serving their expert gutter repair services to the surrounding area, including Martinsville, Anderson, Lafayette, Bloomington, and more.

Garage Doors of Indianapolis: Offering Professional Gutter Repair

Garage Doors of Indianapolis has 3.4 stars through reviews on Google. People love the work and efficiency of what we do, as well as the professionalism and expertise. We offer installation, maintenance, replacement, repair, and emergency service for residential and commercial needs. Your garage doors, openers, and gutters are all taken care of with us. You don’t have to worry about a job well done. Allow us to provide our gutter repair services to you today.

The Importance of Gutter Repair

Gutters drive the water that hits your roof away from the foundation and walls of your home or building to keep water from damaging the siding in any way. Gutters are constantly being exposed to the elements. While elements may cause your gutters to be damaged, if you don’t get the gutters repaired immediately, then there could be significant damage to the structure of your home or commercial residence. Without properly working gutters, a house or building is exposed to water damage and possibly even flooding.

Gutter repair comes with many benefits. Most importantly, getting your gutters repaired sooner rather than later can end up saving you money. If you push off gutter repair, the problem can become more and more detrimental. Not to mention, when you leave gutters needing repair, it can lead to issues greater than just the initial damage of the gutter. More significant issues mean more money to repair them. If you repair your gutters as soon as you need to, you can avoid the possibility of a larger expense. Garage Doors of Indianapolis can handle the gutter repair and will happily assist you if you end up needing a gutter replacement.

Gutter repair also prevents any danger outdoors. Loose gutters or gutters that begin to pull away or sag can be dangerous. Gutters can fall and cause an accident. You don’t want to worry about your gutters causing damage aside from the damage that can come from clogged gutters. Avoid gutters falling and hurting someone by repairing them or even replacing them immediately.

Gutter Maintenance

You may not think to pay attention to your gutters as much as other things, such as your lawn or your HVAC system. The gutters stay in one place and always seem to do their job. But maintenance is still just as crucial for gutters as anything else. Annual and seasonal maintenance will ensure that your gutters are doing their job as best they can.

Gutter maintenance involves checking the gutters out and looking for any visible damage or clogging. Anything that seems cosmetic can cause functional issues. Another part of gutter maintenance involves cleaning them. There are usually a few spots that the gutters may struggle with, such as where a gutter curves or an overhanging tree right above the gutter. These areas should be checked out first, as they are more likely to cause some issues.

Your safety is critical, so be sure to be extra careful when maintaining your gutters. Make sure you have the right equipment and a sturdy ladder. You can even ask someone to spot you as you do it to ensure you don’t have an accident. However, if you do not feel entirely comfortable, Garage Doors of Indianapolis is here for you. You can leave the cleaning to the professionals, ensuring the job gets done well, and you don’t have to worry about any accidents that can come from you doing it yourself.

When to Call a Professional

The main problem people run into with their gutters is when leaves and other outdoor debris build up in the gutter. This causes clogging, which can cause water to spill down the sides of the gutter, essentially rendering the gutters useless. Indiana gets an average annual 43.63 inches of rain every year, according to the National Weather Service. This means that it rains for over a third of the year. That’s a lot of rain and a lot of work for your gutters.

Gutters can also sometimes crack or peel and sometimes even begin to pull away from the wall of your home when the debris build-up becomes too heavy. While you want to try to avoid these issues by cleaning your gutters, sometimes it is too late. Even if you are only experiencing an exponential amount of rain, you’ll want to ensure that your gutters are working correctly. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you should visit the Garage Doors of Indianapolis website or call 317-860-0806 to get your gutters repaired as soon as possible:

  • Cracked or leaky gutters
  • Loose gutters or downspouts
  • Overflowing gutters near roof valley
  • Standing water in gutters
  • Overgrown gutters
  • Noticeable water damage on siding

While aluminum gutter systems can last up to 20 years, sometimes the elements are out of your control. If not repaired correctly, gutters can experience erosion, become rusted from water, or experience mold growth. All of these things can be avoided if the gutters are taken care of and repaired when needed. We can repair residential and commercial gutters, no matter if they’re on a home or an office building. We take care of k-style gutters, half-round gutters, and seamless gutters. Want to change the style of gutter you currently have? We can do that too.