Installing Residential Garage Doors in Indianapolis Since 1979

Garage Doors of Indianapolis offers an enormous selection of residential garage door installation for homes in the greater Indianapolis area.

We have literally hundreds of doors in our carriage house, including contemporary and traditional styles in metal, wood, composite and even insulated doors. And our professionally trained technicians are experts at residential garage door installation for all of them.

Experience Matters

As professionals who provide home garage door installation several times a day, we are fast and efficient – it’s why we can say, “Call us this morning for service TODAY!” We have the training, the tools, and the experience to install garage doors properly.

Residential Garage Door Opener Installation

Because of our large selection – always larger than most home improvement stores – we also carry professional grade openers in many configurations and options.

No two garages are exactly alike – but our trained experts are familiar with all types of installation, opener motors, proper measurements, bracket mountings and garage clearance, springs and spring adjustments, and track building and service.

Our service professionals understand standard radius installation, low headroom versus high lift along with front of rear mountings and proper hardware, and we can explain direct drive screw motors versus belt or chain drives, and what the best openers may be for the weight and frequency of use of your garage doors.

Think of our residential garage door installation as complete quality in terms of doors, parts and installation.

A Reputation for Excellence

We never use pressure or high-powered sales tactics. We’re there to do the job you need in a quick and timely manner. We partner with you to buy – and install – just the right garage door for your home.

We pride ourselves on our good reputation in the Greater Indianapolis area – and we are happy to show you the feedback and endorsements from our customers. We are confident enough to say our residential garage door installers are the best in the business.

Please contact us today for more information or a free consultation.

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