Sometimes gutter repairs alone aren’t enough to get your system back in check. Replacing gutters might be your best bet for preventing costly water damage and other expensive repairs from adding up.

Still, gutter replacement doesn’t have to be seen as a last resort. You can always replace gutters for an aesthetic upgrade—today’s new styles and colors can completely transform your exterior curb appeal.

If you’re starting to notice problems with your current gutter system, please contact us this morning for an appointment today. Consulting with an expert can help you determine the right course of action for replacing gutters or planning repairs, especially before issues get worse. We won’t suggest work you don’t really need.

Gutter Replacement Warning Signs

When it comes to water damage, gutter replacement might be your first line of defense. Checking for cracks, leaks, and other structural errors on a regular basis will give you a good idea of how well your gutter system is doing.

Do your gutters have visible cracks?
Even small cracks can cause big problems down the road. Weak spots in your system can lead to additional breaks. If there are holes in your gutter seams or corners, a sudden downpour might force an entire gutter section to separate. It’s often easier to replace gutters than to deal with water overflow damage to your siding, basement, or attic.
Are there any water marks underneath your gutters?
Broken gutters can leak water and wreak havoc to a building’s foundation. If you find water damage around your gutters or soffit, it’s definitely time to act. Odds are, there’s water seeping into your walls. Stop the problem at its source by having an expert install your replacement gutters.
Can you see gutters pulling away from the roof?
Any sign of gutter separation is a big red flag. Without a solid gutter system, rainwater can roll into your attic or start to accumulate in puddles along your foundation. Ignoring any of these problems can have devastating effects. Gutter replacement needs to happen as soon as possible in order to keep your structure safe and dry.

Benefits of Replacing Gutters

  • No more gutter leaks—especially with seamless gutters
  • High rate of return—new gutter systems keep other repair costs low
  • Great home upgrade—choose the perfect gutter style and color

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At Garage Doors of Indianapolis, our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. Whether we’re working with garage doors or gutters, our team is dedicated to providing honest feedback and quality service.

If you have any questions about replacement gutters, please contact us today for a free estimate. When we replace gutters, we always strive to help our customers identify other underlying damages. By preventing future problems, we hope to keep your new gutter system in great condition for many years to come.