Garage Door Repair in Indianapolis

When you need a garage door repair, you most certainly need it right away, no matter which side you are trapped on. For over 35 years, Indianapolis area homeowners have relied on our company. They know that can “Call Us This Morning For Service TODAY!”

The need to repair garage door usually comes at the most inconvenient time. Either you’re leaving for work, or you’re coming home with groceries and can’t get them inside.

In any situation, one call to Garage Doors Indianapolis will be all you need to get the door rolling again quickly. Our reliable repair team is committed to making sure that whatever problem you have with your garage door will be fixed the very same day.

Our Repair Services Include:

    • Repairing or replacing damaged sections
    • Diagnosing and fixing a garage door that is stuck in position
    • Malfunctioning cables, chains, hinges, rollers, and belts


    • Adjusting, repairing or replacing garage door springs


Garage Door Repair Cost

Unlike other home service providers, Garage Doors Indianapolis keeps costs low by charging per job, rather than by hour. We’ve been doing this for over 35 years, and know exactly what it will take to fix garage door quickly and efficiently.

Rather than waste your time – and money – we prefer to fix the problem as quickly as possible. This allows us to move on to the next job and gets you back on track for rest of the day with a fully functioning garage door.

Safety First

The springs of your garage door are under extreme tension, making them very dangerous to adjust. Our skilled repair technicians are specially trained to adjust, repair and replace non-functioning garage door springs safely, allowing you to stay out of harm’s way.

When you need a garage door repair in Indianapolis we are the name to trust. Our experience spans decades, giving us the skills required to quickly get your garage door back on track. When we show up at your door with a truck full of tools, you can feel confident that our professionals will get you rolling back in and out of your garage in no time at all. Contact us today for more information.

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