Since 1979, Garage Doors of Indianapolis has been providing garage door installation services to residents across Indianapolis. As our business has grown, so has our service range. Our professionally trained technicians are able to showcase their skill and professionalism, as they come out to install doors rapidly and cost-effectively.

Residential Garage Door Repair and Service in Brownsburg Indiana

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Like many things in life, you probably don’t pay much attention to your garage doors until something goes wrong with them that makes you take notice. Residential homeowners in Brownsburg Indiana can get the repair and service they need for their garage doors from the most trusted company in the central Indiana area: Garage Doors of Indianapolis (GDI). Whether its purchasing, installation, repairs, or inspection and maintenance, our professional expertise has been serving customers throughout the region sine 1979. When a garage door at your home needs attention, let the professional expertise of GDI lend a hand. Whether you want to hire us immediately, get a quote, or book an on-site consultation, your search for a company you can rely on is over. Just give us a call at 317-860-0806.

Need Your Garage Doors Serviced Today? Call GDI!

In a perfect world, you’d continue along in life and never give a second thought to your garage doors. But like anything in and around your home, even a garage door will eventually wear out or get broken. Situated directly west of Indianapolis is Brownsburg, Indiana. With a population of more than 26,000 and more than 8,000 housing units, there are plenty of garage doors in Brownsburg that need repair and maintenance. But of all the companies out there you can contact, how many of them offer a same-day service commitment? This is one of the things that sets Garage Doors of Indianapolis apart from the rest:

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GDI developed this same-day service approach decades ago because to us it just makes good business sense. And our loyal customers agree! Whether you need a repair or a simple maintenance service, GDI is ready to resolve your garage door issues quickly and effectively!

The Highest-Impact Home Feature that Gets the Least Attention

We mentioned at the top of this article how people don’t tend to think about their garage doors until they stop working properly. It’s a shame, really, because garage doors have a huge impact on the overall presentation of your home. Garage doors are often the largest visible feature of a home from the street, so there’s a strong “cub appeal” element to consider. In fact, having attractive, well-functioning garage doors can have a surprisingly large impact on the value of your home, so they deserve professional attention.

So what happens when you go to get in your car in the morning and your garage door won’t open? With our same-day service commitment, just give us a call and we’ll get out there sometime that day to resolve your problem. When our certified expert technician arrives, they will quickly assess the situation to determine what’s wrong and then give you a quote for what it will cost to fix the issue. Our charge rates are based on each customer job, not an hourly rate, which means we incentivize getting each job done right the first time so everyone can get on with their day. We think that’s a win-win approach to residential garage door repair and service for homeowners in the Brownsburg area and beyond. It saves you money while at the same time immediately meeting your needs. To save even more money, visit the Coupons page of our website.

Reliable Technicians Providing Brownsburg Garage Door Services

Please understand that many garage door repairs are not safe for untrained homeowners to resolve on their own. Sure, replacing the batteries in your remote (always step one when you opener isn’t working) is fine, but when you start talking about rollers, cables, springs, tracks and things like that, you’re talking about systems and parts that can be under tremendous physical pressure. If they snap or release all at once, serious injury can occur! If you’re having a garage door emergency, just give us a call and we’ll get there as soon as we can. Leave the heavy lifting to the expert professionals who are trained to address all garage door needs. Feel free to call us at 317-860-0806, email us at, or fill out the web form on the Contact Us page of our website.

Work With Certified Technicians

Whatever your particular garage door issue might be, we are ready to resolve it quickly and efficiently – and we even offer a full warranty on the work we do for you. We’re only a phone call away at 317-279-6627, or fill out the contact us form on our website.

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