Since 1979, Garage Doors of Indianapolis has been providing garage door installation services to residents across Indianapolis. As our business has grown, so has our service range. Our professionally trained technicians are able to showcase their skill and professionalism, as they come out to install doors rapidly and cost-effectively.

Fishers Garage Door Service

Smart Garage Door

For Fishers, Indiana homeowners, having a garage door that is attractive and works properly is important for the functionality of your home, as well as how your home looks to guests, passers-by and potential buyers. The overall appearance of your home is, in some part, defined by your garage door. Whether the look is outdated, the paint is peeling or cracking, or the motor isn’t working well enough for you to rely on it, it’s something that you’ll need to address and fix.

Luckily, Garage Doors of Indianapolis is the ideal partner to make sure that you have the service that you need for your garage door.

Garage Door Installation and Repair Services

We have decades of experience providing a complete array of garage door services to clients across Central Indiana, and Fishers Indiana homeowners have trusted us for years to service, repair and replace their garage doors.

Garage door work

Sometimes your garage door just needs a little work. Perhaps it’s slightly slanted, or has paint that’s beginning to peel or crack. No matter what type of garage door work you need, we’ll be able to do it at the greatest level of convenience for you. We keep costs low, because we charge by the job we do instead of by the hour. Still, our team members know what they’re doing so we can be sure that the job gets done quickly and to your satisfaction. For any kind of job relating to your garage door, Garage Doors of Indianapolis is the company to partner with.

Garage door repair

When your garage door goes out, you need to make sure it gets repaired as soon as possible. It’s a huge hassle and inconvenience that means at best, you’ll have to get out of your car and manually lift the door yourself. At worst, you and your car are locked out of your garage. Leaving your car out in the open can attract people will bad intentions, and can become an issue for your car and any possessions you have inside it.

Whether it’s an issue with your door itself or the opening mechanism, Garage Doors of Indianapolis will be able to quickly come out and identify the problem. We’re familiar with all types of garage door manufacturers, and can likely make the repair that same day after quickly figuring out what’s wrong.

Garage door spring service and repair

When you have an issue with the springs on your garage door it’s no joke, and can be very dangerous if not handled by a professional. These springs work with the motor to make sure your garage door is able to be more easily lifted and can stay up. Garage doors without springs are extremely tough to move, because the doors are so heavy. By adding tension, the huge metal springs in your garage door system functionally lessen that weight. However, with all of that tension, it can be very dangerous to handle these without a professional. They have the capability to snap, which could cause severe injury. Only a skilled service and repair technician should touch a garage door spring that’s under tension.

Garage Doors of Indianapolis has the expert technicians that you’ll need to adjust these springs in your Fishers garage. The most obvious sign that you need a new spring is if one snaps. This will be very loud, and make your door impossible to open with your opener without causing damage. If your springs are making noises or seem to sag, then you’ll probably have an issue that needs to be fixed. Garage Doors of Indianapolis is the ideal partner to keep your garage door springs well maintained.

Garage door installation

If you want a new garage door, you’ve come to the right partner. Maybe you want to raise the curb appeal of your home, or maybe you’ve bought a new home and your garage door isn’t up to standard. Possibly, you’ve had the same door for years and it’s finally starting to malfunction. No matter the reason, Garage Doors of Indianapolis has a huge variety of garage doors across all materials and styles, and we can work with you to find the one to suit your home and budget. Installation is easy and affordable, with staff members who always respect you and your property. Call us today, and get your Fishers, Indiana home equipped with the garage door service it needs to make sure you don’t have to worry about it.

Experts in Customer Service

With over 30 years of experience in serving Indianapolis, we have gained a deserved reputation of dependability and reliability. Our staff is courteous and knowledgeable, and it shines through in our common recommendation by neighbors. When you need fast and dependable service for your garage door, contact Garage Doors of Indianapolis.

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