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Smart Garage Door

How “Smart” is Your Garage Door?

The future of technology lies in custom-built homes. A garage door renovation might seem like it’ll break the bank, but it doesn’t have to be. Having work done on your garage door can make a big difference, from curb appeal to increased usefulness.

One of the most common trends in home renovation lies in garage doors. These doors are only improving as technology improves. Doors that are reliable, quiet, and quick are the key components you should look for when it comes to garage doors. Today you can purchase a garage beautiful door that is also energy efficient. And more frequently, consumers are choosing to purchase garage doors with automatic technology. This technology makes opening doors safer, and you can control your door opener from anywhere.

New garage door technology no longer has to operate off of traditional electricity. Some models operate off of a battery charged by house current. So, if the power goes out, the opener will continue to work. High tech openers are able to operate the door anywhere an Internet connection is available by using smartphones or computer. Through apps, you can operate the garage lights, or open and close the garage door.

New garage door technology also comes with safety sensors. These sensors prevent the door from closing if it senses something is below the door. Thanks to an infrared light that expands the width of the door, when something is sensed in the line of the light, the door will reverse. These precautions help families with young children or pets to have peace of mind and also protects belongings from being crushed.

Garage door opener technology is also important for the safety of your home. How many times have you thought, “did I actually close the garage door?”. If your door is left open, your home could be a target. With new technology, you are able to customize settings so that your door will be programmed to always close at a certain time. You can also access your door technology through an app, and can close it from a remote location. With smart garage door technology, safety and a sense of security are at your fingertips.

Peace of mind can also come in the form of garage door lighting. Coming home to an unlit home can be scary, and external lighting can help to ease that discomfort. Not only is there garage door opener technology that is purely solar powered, but the interior and exterior lighting are also powered through this same sustainable technology. With bright lighting, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to fumble around in the dark or wonder what is in your surroundings.

Garage doors shouldn’t have a load of features that you don’t need. Rolling code is useful garage door opener technology that you might want though – this advanced coding system reduces the change of a thief hacking your opener code and breaking into your home. “Code grabbers” are no longer able to hack this rolling code to gain entry into your home.

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