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Repairing or replacing broken garage door sections

Maybe you’ve been playing with your family and a stray baseball or hockey puck causes damage to a section of your garage door. Maybe a tree limb falls against the door in a storm. Maybe you’re parked in your driveway and accidentally put your car into drive instead of reverse when you’re intending to back up. No matter how much or how little damage is done to your garage door, a mishap or malfunction that leads to damage can be unsightly and can damage the curb appeal of your home. Worse, it can mean that your garage door is inoperable and needs to be replaced. 

Incidents that leave your garage door in bad shape and mean you need to address the problem can be frustrating. Depending on what the issue you’re facing is, you’ll need to decide what you should be able to repair, and what needs to be totally replaced. 

Repairing Garage Door Panels 

If the panels on your garage door have been damaged, these are luckily easy to refurbish and replace in a cost-effective way. It’s easy to get replacement panels from a manufacturer and replace a damaged one for a quick and easy repair. Garage Doors of Indianapolis has decades of experience working with manufacturers and getting the most reliable and trustworthy brands. We have an extensive collection, and it’s likely that we’ll have just the panels you need to repair damaged sections of your garage door. 

If your garage door is older, however, it’s more difficult to get panels that are an exact match. We’re able to find panels that correspond with shape and style, and it’s possible that the broken or damaged panels on these will need to be replaced with newer ones. If you believe the damage goes beyond several panels and is impacting your garage door more seriously, it might need to be replaced. 

When to Replace a Garage Door 

There’s a spectrum of damage to a garage door where, at a certain point, it’s actually more cost-efficient to replace a garage door than it would be to repair all of the damaged panels. If your garage door is severely damaged, it might be time to install a new door system. 

If multiple panels are severely damaged from something like a car or storm, then you might want to seriously consider replacing your door. First, if your door has heavy damage to multiple panels, your repair costs would naturally go up with each panel that needs to be replaced. Secondly, if something hit with enough force to destroy your door, it’s likely that the opening mechanism will have heavy damage as well. This is the mechanism with your springs and motor, by which you’re able to control the door remotely, and damage to this can make your door inefficient and slow at best, and hazardous at worst. 

With the largest variety of garage doors in stock in Central Indiana, and decades of experience, Garage Doors of Indianapolis will be able to consult with you and work out when it’s best for your budget to repair, and when it’s best for your home’s long-term value and functionality to replace. Contact us 24/7, and we’ll be able to give you the answers you’ll need.

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