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6 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Modern garage door systems feature complex parts and systems designed for ease of use and safety. So, it can be quite disruptive to your business or home when they suddenly stop working properly. Before that happens, pay attention to these critical signs that indicate that there may be trouble ahead. Since your garage door opener is central to the function of the garage, it’s a good place to start.

Take a look at these 6 warning signs that your garage door opener, and quite possibly entire garage door system, is having trouble.

1. Inconsistent operation. If your garage door opener works only some of the time, don’t ignore this warning sign that something is off. While it could simply be an indicator that it’s time to replace the batteries, it could also indicate that there is a problem with the wiring. Replace the battery first. If the problem continues, contact a professional garage door technician to inspect your system.

2. Garage door opens and close on its own. When this happens, you may second-guess yourself. Did you accidentally hit the garage door opener? Did someone else? After ruling out human error, take the next step by having the garage door and garage door opener inspected. It may be necessary to have a malfunctioning part repaired or replaced.

3. Door doesn’t open at all. Of course, this is an obvious sign that something is not working. If a battery replacement doesn’t solve the problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. A garage door is a heavy, complex unit that could cause serious injuries if it fails.

4. Garage door starts to close then re-opens. This may not be a sign that your garage door opener is malfunctioning. Instead, it’s likely that the garage door sensors detect an obstruction. Modern garage doors are designed to prevent injury by detecting when a person may be underneath the door as it closes. Check to see if something is in the way of the photo safety eyes – which are typically located on either side of the garage door system near the bottom. It can be as simple as a leaf or other debris.

5. Door fails to close completely. Perhaps your garage door reaches a certain spot and then freezes before closing all the way. This may be a signal that the tracks or rollers on your garage door system are bent, distorted or broken. Fasteners may also be complicating the operation of the garage door system. Contact a professional technician to inspect the garage door.

6. Unusual noises. Another sign that your garage door opener may be in need of repairs or replacement is the presence of unusual noises or sticking in the keypad or remote. These all could be signs that your garage door opener is aging and that you may need to have it replaced.

While it’s important to take note of these 6 warning signs with your garage door system, you also should maintain a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that all parts are operating correctly and safely. Contact a certified garage door technician to regularly inspect your garage door system.

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