Professional Garage Door Opener Maintenance

When your garage door won’t open, won’t close or opens only part way, a malfunctioning garage door opener may be to blame. The problem could be within the remote, the wall switch or the receiver, and often, service technicians discover additional reasons a garage door isn’t functioning normally.

Garage door opener maintenance can prevent disruptive garage door failures. As part of your routine annual garage door inspection and maintenance, our technicians review all the components of your openers, making adjustments as needed, to ensure your doors open and close safely.

Misalignment Problems
Most homeowners who park in their garages open and close garage doors at least once per day, and all that movement can cause components to shift out of alignment over time. Safety sensors on either side of the door communicate via an invisible beam, transmitted between each sensor’s photo eye. If that beam is interrupted – either because an object is in the way, or the photo eyes are misaligned – the garage door will not close.

A garage track that’s out of alignment impedes a garage door from opening and closing properly. This misalignment problem can cause serious injuries, if the door unexpectedly slams closed or comes off the track. When we perform annual garage door opener maintenance, we inspect the track and rollers, too.

Electrical Components
If a remote opener works and the wall switch doesn’t, the wall switch may need to be rewired. In older openers, sometimes the circuit board goes bad or the drive gear burns out. Either of those components might be replaceable.

Radio Frequency Interference
The remote control communicates with a garage door opener via radio frequency, and many devices can interfere with the transmitted signal. Wireless networks, computers, power lines, battery chargers, motion sensors and other garage door remotes may disrupt radio frequency and cause the opener to malfunction. It’s an annoying problem, but also a safety concern, if another nearby remote can open your garage door.

Our garage door opener maintenance technicians can adjust the frequency to reduce interference. To increase security and eliminate interference, some homeowners replace old openers with newer models that transmit signals on three frequencies and enable users to set 10-digit security codes on the remote and opener – a remote without that code would be unable to open the door.

Prompt, Professional Service
Regular garage door maintenance can help prevent some of the most common garage door opener problems, and if your garage door opener does malfunction, our technicians are ready to help you. Call us this morning for service today!